Sexual issues

At some point in time, many of us will experience a sexual problem which can make us feel awkward or even embarrassed. To complicate things, many of us do not know how to talk about sex. This can make the sexual difficulty worse, because not talking about things can make us feel alone and isolated with the problem.

This section describes some of the more common sexual difficulties that we can struggle with. In each topic, we provide some ideas for managing your sexual difficulty and improving your sexual wellbeing. We also provide a variety of self-help strategies, with links to organisations, helpful books and websites.

You may want to discuss your sexual difficulty with a medical doctor, if you believe it may be related to a physical condition. However, most sexual problems have a psychological component. Talking with a psychologist, health advisor or psychosexual counsellor may be a good first step to understanding your situation and improving your sexual wellbeing.

We have information on common sexual issues, find out more about possible causes and things that can help:

  • For people with a vulva
    • Sexual arousal
    • Painful sex (vaginismus)
    • Painful sex (vulvodynia)
    • Vulval care
  • For people with a penis
    • Erectile difficulties
    • Rapid and delayed ejaculation
  • For everyone
    • Low libido (sex drive)
    • Adjustment to STIs
    • Barriers to condom use

Why choose us

We understand that it can be difficult to talk about sexual matters as they are both personal and sensitive issues. Some people may feel embarrassed, anxious or ashamed of their sexual problems. Our psychology staff members have many years of experience with specialist training in talking about sex, sexual health and sexuality.

We aim to provide a service that is respectful of individual lifestyles and choices. We are sensitive, aware and responsive to a variety of social, religious and cultural issues that can impact on sexual health and wellbeing.

Access our service

Access our service

Our sexual wellbeing psychology service is available for residents of Tower Hamlets, Newham and Waltham Forest.


Please email us if you would like to self-refer.

You can also ask your GP to make a referral, or talk to a staff member of All East.

For professionals

We accept referrals from other services in Barts Health NHS Trust (such as fertility, women’s health and urology).

Please contact us by email so we can send you a referral form, which will assist us in reviewing your request for our service.

Watch our films

Watch our films to learn more about some common sexual problems and how you can help them.