Clinic 26

Clinic 26 is a safe place for men who have experienced historic sexual abuse, sexual assault or rape.

We offer sexual health tests, sexual wellbeing services and input from an independent sexual violence advisor in a supportive environment. We run the service in partnership with SurvivorsUK

You will not be made to talk about anything that you do not want to talk about. We will assure you of your anonymity when you access this service but you don’t have to give us your real name you don’t want to.

Help and support for emergency treatment

Access emergency support and treatment

Clinic 26 is for men who have experienced historic sexual abuse, which means it’s over 12 months since the assault took place.

We cannot gather forensic evidence or provide emergency treatment for men who have experienced sexual trauma recently. If you require these services please contact The Havens or your local emergency department.

Access information and support if you have experienced rape or sexual assault

Other organisations that can offer you support