For HIV queries only, email ghuappointments.bartshealth@nhs.net if you attend the Grahame Hayton Unit or bhnt.slg-reception@nhs.net if you attend SLG or the Greenway Centre. 

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In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we have closed walk in sexual health services and cancelled all routine appointments.

The top priority of the NHS in this pandemic is to protect our patients and our staff from the spread of infection and to support NHS capacity in responding to the scale of the pandemic.

If you are self-isolating or have a cough and/or fever, please do not attend our services.

In line with national guidance, we are severely restricting access to our clinics in order to reduce face to face contacts.

We want to do the best for all patients within the current and rapidly changing situation but our priorities are:

  • Timely treatment if you have a diagnosed sexually transmitted infection

  • Medication for those who may have been exposed to HIV in the last 3 days 

  • Sufficient access to contraception – although you may not be able to access your preferred method at this time

  • Timely access to emergency contraception

  • Helping you if you have been sexual assaulted

  • Ensuring that we continue with young and vulnerable person safeguarding actions

If you have an urgent sexual health problem or need HIV post-exposure prophylaxis - need contraception or emergency contraception (e.g. the morning after pill) you can book a telephone appointment here.

If you have a query that is not urgent, we advise that you email the reception staff and they will get back to you as soon as possible. The clinic phone lines can get very busy and we know how frustrating it can be to not get an answer.

Ambrose King Centre, Royal London Hospital

Phone us: 020 7377 7306 or 020 7377 7307

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Sexual health test results

Phone us on 020 3465 7960. You will need your clinic ID number and your date of birth in 6 digits.

Sir Ludwig Guttmann health and wellbeing centre

Phone us: 020 8496 7237

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Sylvia Pankhurst Centre, Mile End Hospital

Telephone: 020 7377 7308 (sexual health queries)

Telephone: 0300 0335000 (queries for termination of pregnancy/referrals only)

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Graham Hayton Unit, Royal London Hospital

Phone us: 020 7377 7080 - This is for HIV queries only

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