Psychological support

At the moment, some people are experiencing difficulties in coping with Covid-19 lockdown and social distancing restrictions. Please follow this link for some information on how to improve coping with Covid-19.

Our psychologists provide a variety of services to patients attending our sexual health services at Barts Health. We provide assessment and short-term therapeutic support to patients who are trying to understand and change their sexual behaviour. We also provide support to those who are struggling in adjusting to sexually transmitted infections, such as genital herpes. 

Our psychologists also provide support to patients who are experiencing sexual difficulties. We offer joint assessments with medical doctors as well as psycho-educational workshops for women who are experiencing painful sex and for men who are experiencing erectile problems. We also provide time-limited psychological support to promote sexual wellbeing. 

Why choose us

We understand that it can be difficult to talk about sexual matters as they are both personal and sensitive issues. Some people may feel embarrassed, anxious or ashamed of their sexual problems. Our psychology staff members have many years of experience with specialist training in talking about sex, sexual health and sexuality. 

We aim to provide a service that is respectful of individual lifestyles and choices. We are sensitive, aware and responsive to a variety of social, religious and cultural issues that can impact on sexual health and wellbeing.

What we offer

We offer assessment, advice and psychological support to patients who are experiencing a variety of sexual difficulties. These are sometimes called psychosexual problems. These sexual difficulties include:

  • Painful sex
  • Anxiety about sex
  • Sexual difficulties associated with sexual trauma 
  • Male sexual problems – including erectile difficulties and rapid ejaculation
  • Female sexual problems – including vaginismus, vulvadynia and vestibulitis
  • Difficulties with libido, arousal and/or orgasm
  • Concerns about sexual wellbeing and enjoyment

We also work with difficulties related to sexual health and sexually transmitted infections. These include:

  • Establishing and maintaining safer sex
  • Sexual risk-taking associated with sexual addiction
  • Complex adjustment to an STI diagnosis, such as genital herpes
  • Health anxiety or fear around STIs or HIV