Mpox (sometimes known as Monkeypox) usually goes away by itself after a few weeks, but it can be dangerous in some people, especially children. If you think you have symptoms of monkeypox, avoid contact with others, and talk to a doctor urgently. 


Get vaccinated

First and second doses of the Mpox vaccine are currently available for men who are having sex with men. The second dose must be given at least 28 days after the first dose.

Please call us on 07935 603 484 to assess your eligibility and book an appointment.

Please note that this number is for mpox vaccine appointments only.


Join the mPower vaccine trial

Join the mPower vaccine trial

Barts Health is taking part in the mPower clinical trial which is testing if a new vaccine can protect people against illness caused by mpox (previously referred to as monkeypox).

If you are aged 18-49, are in good general health, have not previously received a smallpox or mpox vaccine, and have not been recently exposed to mpox, you may be able to take part.

To take part in the trial at Barts Health:

Find out more about the mPower trial

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What is Mpox?

The Mpox (monkeypox) virus is mainly found in West and Central Africa. Humans can catch it from animals that carry the virus, and it can then pass from person to person.

Mpox is usually self-limiting. This means that after a while it goes away by itself. After you have had Mpox you are immune, and you can’t get it again.

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