Sexual assault

Sexual assault and abuse affect people from all genders, ages and sexual identities.

An estimated half a million adults living in the UK are sexually assaulted each year.

1 in 20 people will have experienced childhood sexual abuse.

The impact of sexual assault and sexual abuse can have pronounced physical, emotional and psychological health consequences for individuals, both in the immediate aftermath and long term. 

Sexual assault and abuse happen to many people.  Despite this, the majority of victims and survivors do not disclose or report their experiences due to a fear of judgement or disbelief.

Sexual assault and abuse taken many forms of unwanted acts including:

  • sexual harassment

  • rape

  • forced marriage

  • honour-based violence

  • female genital mutilation

  • human trafficking

  • sexual exploitation

  • ritual abuse 

Our sexual health team is a key service for people who have experienced recent and historic sexual assault and abuse, providing confidential support, care and referral

What we offer

We offer a comprehensive range of services for people who have experienced sexual assault and abuse. Our skilled, specialist clinical and support staff offer sensitive, non-judgmental patient-centred support, advice, care and referral. Services include:

  • Tailored assessment, care and management for those who have been recently sexually assaulted
  • Full STI and HIV testing
  • Provision of PrEP, hepatitis vaccine and emergency contraception
  • Psychological support and intervention
  • Referral pathways into local Haven services for specialist health and police staff
  • Onward referral to safeguarding and victim support services

We provide nationally recognised, award winning specialist services delivered in partnership with charity partners:

  • My Body Back - a dedicated cervical and STI screening service for survivors of sexual violence
  • Clinic26 - a specialist sexual health project for male survivors of rape and sexual abuse

Referring patients

Barts Health provide comprehensive assessment, testing and treatment for men and women who have experienced sexual assault. For patients requiring acute forensic care, please refer to Haven services.

Referring patients

Please send a referral by email.

Please send the patient contact details and a short clinical summary. If you are a GP, please use the specific referral forms on EMIS for STI related issues.

We will contact the patient and book them into an appropriate clinic.

About sexual assault referral centres (SARCs)

Sexual assault referral centres (SARCs) are located across the country and available for everyone, regardless of gender, age, the type of incident, or when it happened.

SARCs offer a range of services, including crisis care, medical and forensic examinations, emergency contraception and testing for STIs. They can also arrange access to an independent sexual assault advisor (ISVA), as well as referrals to mental health support and sexual violence support services.

Sexual assault or abuse can happen to anyone.They are here for medical, emotional or practical support at your nearest sexual assault referral centre. Search SARC or visit for more information and to find your nearest centre.

For urgent medical advice

Sir Ludwig Guttman Centre (Stratford)

Please call 07415 781648 (clinic coordinator)

Advice is available from 9am to 7pm on weekdays and from 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.

Ambrose King Centre (Whitechapel)

Please call 07809 101 494 and leave a message for the senior duty doctor to call you back.

Advice is available from 9am to 7pm on weekdays and from 9am to 4pm on Saturdays.

For non-urgent clinical, operational or teaching information and advice please email the team. We will respond to queries within two working days.