Embarking on a sexual relationship

If you can feel good, relax and have fun together, sex is more likely to be a positive experience for you both. 



SHINE is Newham’s sexual health service for young people. It offers relationship and sex education for individuals and/or groups of young people who are aged 21 or under and:

  • identifies as vulnerable 
  • is at risk of child sexual exploitation 
  • is at risk of or engaging in unhealthy relationships or 
  • is displaying concerning sexual behaviours or attitudes

For more information please email Shine or send a referral [docx] 200KB.

If your concern relates to disclosed or suspected abuse please contact your local social care team. 

Need relationship advice?

Need relationship advice?

Not all good relationships involve sex, and if a relationship doesn't feel right, you don't need to stay in it. 

If you feel unsafe in a relationship, access support or advice about relationship abuse.

If you are struggling with issues relating to sex and relationships and need someone to talk to, you can speak with a health advisor at one of specialist centres.