A good relationship is one where you can truly say you're friends. One where you've got trust and respect and you can talk honestly to each other without having to pretend you're something you're not.

If you can feel good, relax and have fun together sex is more likely to be a positive experience for you both. Remember, not all good relationships involve sex, and if a relationship doesn't feel right, you don't need to stay in it. 

Sexual relationships

If you are in a sexual relationship, or are thinking of having sex with a partner you may want to know more about free contraception and condoms, and STIs, including how to test.

Need relationship advice?

If you feel unsafe in a relationship, find out how to access support or advice about relationship abuse.

If you are struggling with issues relating to sex and relationships and need someone to talk to there may be counselling/psychological support available for you, alternatively you could speak with a health advisor at one of specialist centres.

Our health advisors are available at the Ambrose King Centre and Sir Ludwig Guttman Centre to offer advice on a range of sexual health topics.

For professionals

Shine, Newham’s sexual health service for young people, offers relationships and sex education for individuals or groups of young people, aged 21 or under that are:

  • identified as vulnerable 
  • at risk of child sexual exploitation 
  • at risk of or engaging in unhealthy relationships or 
  • displaying concerning sexual behaviours or attitudes

For more information please email Shine or Shine Referral Form[docx] 200KB.

If you have concerns about a young person or vulnerable adult that requires sexual health advice or services please contact the health advisor team on 020 7363 8945. They can advise you on how best to offer support and can book an appointment. 

If your concern relates to disclosed or suspected abuse please contact your local social care team.