STI testing

Want to know more information about STIs? Concerned you may be showing signs of an infection or have come into contact with one?   Are you looking to advise a friend, a loved one or a patient about testing?

We are experts in identifying, treating and managing a range of STIs. We offer comprehensive services across a range of locations, staffed by specially trained clinicians and support staff, supported by class-leading diagnostic and laboratory services.  

We offer:

  • Self- managed care for those wishing to test themselves. 
  • Quick-check testing for those without symptoms who require support from a clinician
  • Clinician taken testing for people with symptoms, concerns or risks
  • Testing and treatment for contacts of infections
  • Treatment only, for people with an infection who have tested elsewhere
  • Specialist partner notification to reach partners more quickly and easily
  • Specialist Dr led clinics for people with complex clinical needs
  • Psychological support for people affected by STIs

Our services are free, confidential and open-access for all.