Who will I see?

We understand that you may be feeling worried and vulnerable. You may even feel embarrassed about coming to a sexual health clinic – but there really is no need to be.

Our trained team of sexual health professionals will do everything we can to help: offering advice, support and quick access to testing. We can also refer you to other experts if we need to.

All our staff are professionally trained, non-judgmental, respect your privacy and dignity, and fully understand you may be feeling uncomfortable. We always do everything we can to make you feel at ease, so come and talk to us. All of our staff operate to a strict code of confidentiality.

People may be waiting to see different specialists; so if someone is seen before you – don’t worry. Each specialist will have a different set of patients and different waiting times. If you are worried though, just speak to one of our healthcare support workers and they’ll be happy to help you.

We look forward to meeting you in one of our clinics!


Our team of doctors include fully qualified consultants who are experts in sexual health, as well as doctors who are in training. You may see a doctor if you have symptoms, recurring problems, or any other issues which need a medical opinion.


We have a great team of nurses in our clinics who have lots of experience in sexual health. You might see a consultant nurse or a nurse practitioner who will take your history, perform any necessary examinations and prescribe treatment – in a similar way to one of our Doctors.

Other members of the nursing team are in charge of making sure the clinic runs smoothly, but also see patients independently too – taking tests, processing samples and giving treatment.

Sexual health advisors

Our sexual health advisors are experts in supporting patients who have been diagnosed with, or may have worries, about sexually transmitted infections. They can also help you tell your partner(s) if they have been in contact with an infection and need testing and treatment.

Healthcare support workers

Our team of health care support workers are dual trained; they are there to not only support the nurse practitioners and doctors with examinations and tests, but also to welcome you to clinic, check you in and make sure you are seen at the appropriate time. They will do this by asking you to complete a short registration form which helps us decide which specialist is best for your needs.