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Staff Survey: Pharmacy report greatest improvement in job satisfaction

Let’s hear it for our staff in Pharmacy! They have told us in their own words that they are now much happier in their jobs than they were a year ago.

The annual staff survey shows satisfaction scores amongst colleagues in the Pharmacy division of Clinical Support Services are among the most improved in the Trust.

The one that stands out is a rise of over 17% in the proportion of staff who would recommend the organisation as a place to work. But there is also a 9% rise in the proportion who would recommend the care at our hospitals to friends and family.

These increases are all the more remarkable because overall the Trust results have been stable this year. Pharmacy also saw rises of over 5% in the numbers looking forward to coming to work, being enthusiastic about their job, and believing that patient care is the organisation’s top priority.

“It’s all about staff voices being heard,” said Raliat Onatade, Group Chief Pharmacist. “We knew our people weren’t happy, but we didn’t know why. So we spent a lot of time just talking to them. We found people didn’t believe that the things making them unhappy would ever change, so as a leadership team we set out to address that.”

The most improved individual Pharmacy team is Clinical Trials, despite being split across three sites. Raliat paid tribute to their manager, Stuart Chandler, for paying close attention to what the team were saying and responding in kind.

“They are a lot happier because everyday team management is more connective and getting a lot of positive feedback," she said. “We saw improvements not only in responses to the staff survey, but also increased productivity and higher uptake of the ‘flu vaccine.”

Not everything is rosy in Pharmacy, and there are issues to address where a handful of scores have gone back. But they are outweighed by the positives, which include satisfaction with flexible working, support for health and wellbeing and being able to make local improvements happen. 

The importance of team working is one of the big themes highlighted in the Trust’s staff survey results this year. Across our group of hospitals, managers are being encouraged to work with staff and use our WeImprove approach to find local solutions to the issues raised.


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