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Getting to good and outstanding: the launch of our quality strategy

Our vision is to be a high-performing group of NHS hospitals, renowned for excellence and innovation, providing safe and compassionate care to our patients in east London and beyond.

During the leadership conference on 7 November 2019, our CEO Alwen Williams launched our new three year quality strategy [pdf] 7MB. Our goal over the next three years is to excel in the care we provide to patients, and therefore improve the Trust’s CQC rating to good and outstanding. This strategy outlines our approach on how we get there.

We have done a fantastic job so far and it’s evident we have made vast improvements, however there is still more to do and we all have a role to play in improving the quality of care we provide to patients. In pursuit of this vision we have decided on three immediate areas of focus. We want to work towards making Barts Health Trust:

  1. A provider of excellent patient safety
  2. An outstanding place to work
  3. A provider of the best possible patient experience

This is no easy task but we are confident that a collaborative effort from us all will enable us to reach our goals. Additionally, the adoption of our WeImprove approach to measurable, staff-led change serves as a welcomed starting point.


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