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Delivering good and outstanding patient experience

WeCare about patient experience and engagement. We want the experience of our patients and carers to be the best it can be and for their voices to shape our decisions about future healthcare services. This will ensure delivery of safe and compassionate care to our patients in east London and beyond.

Last week we launched the new patient experience strategy [pdf] 8MB that sets out six pledges in line with our values to improve the experience of our patients and their carers.

Patient experience pledges

Key to delivery of our vision will be the extent to which we can develop a culture which puts patients at the heart of all that we do. We are all responsible for ensuring good patient experience and engagement and you will have wide and varying roles in implementing this strategy. We want the voice of patients, carers, the public and our voluntary and community sector partners to be heard in all parts of Introduction our organisation, from the recruitment and training of our staff, to being the driving force of service design and assessing the quality of our care.

We know that improving your experience at work will also positively impact on patient and carer experience, so the culture change we are delivering through our people strategy is an important enabler of this strategy.

We developed this strategy alongside our staff and patient partners, in particular our local HealthWatch organisations, to make sure we captured the essence and the ambition of those it directly affects, the priorities that are important to them and an approach to change that is endorsed and supported.

A consistent theme in our discussions has been a recognition that while we have many examples of outstanding patient experience at Barts Health, this is not consistent and too many patients report a negative experience of our care. We want to ensure that we act on the insights that we secure - both positive and negative - to improve patient care.


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