Drugs and alcohol

Alcohol and drug use are a part of many people’s lives. For some, the amount and frequency may impact on health and wellbeing of both the person and those around them 

There are clear links between alcohol and drug use and sexual health and wellbeing. Alcohol and drug reduce inhibitions, which in turn are likely to change perceptions around risk and risk taking. Alcohol and drug use is a commonly reported link in I might unplanned pregnancies and STIs.

Whilst alcohol and drug use can increase desire, increased use can lead to sexual and relationship difficulties. Prolonged use causes physical and psychological harm, with risks of addition or habit behaviours forming.

What we offer

We know that alcohol and drug play a key role in sexual health and wellbeing. We include screening for alcohol and drug use as part of our sexual health assessment of all service users. Our specialist staff are trained to provide brief advice and support for service users and onward referral to specialist services for further support.

We co-deliver services with local drug and alcohol agencies, offering a one-stop shop for people who have needs relating to sexual health and substance use. We deliver specialist chem-sex support services including confidential needle exchange for men who have sex with men.

Needle exchange services in Newham

Bell Pharmacy
995 Romford Road, E12 5JR
Tel: 020 8478 2861

Britannia Pharmacy
6 Church Street, E15 3HX
Tel: 020 8534 3104

Britannia Pharmacy (formally Chemifarm)
62a Leytonstone Road, E15 1SQ
Tel: 020 8555 8403

Jetsol (Healthcare Concepts)
The Hub. 123 Star Lane, E16 4PZ
Tel: 020 7476 1667

LRM/Medina Pharmacy
229 Plashet Road, E13 OQJ
Tel: 020 8552 2731

Manor Park Pharmacy
683 Romford Road, E12 5AD
Tel: 020 8553 4622

Munro Pharmacy
303 Green Street, E13 9AR
Tel: 020 8471 2575

Newman’s/S&A Pharmacy
376 Barking Road, E13 8HL
Tel: 020 7476 1326

Rohpharm Pharmacy
Unit 1, Opus Studios
212 Plaistow Road, E13 OAL
Tel: 020 8471 1040

Sai Pharmacy
150-152 High Street North, E6 2HT
Tel: 020 8552 8955

Vicarage Pharmacy
10 Vicarage Lane, E15 4ES
Tel: 020 8555 1564

For more information on drug and alcohol services in Newham visit the Newham Council website.

Needle exchange services in Tower Hamlets

Lincoln Pharmacy
60 St Paul’s Way, E3 4AL
Tel: 020 7538 0817

Rigcharm Pharmacy
93 Watney Street, E1 2QE
Tel: 020 7790 9150

Cubitt Town Pharmacy
143 Manchester Road, E14 3DN
Tel: 020 7987 1487

Bell Pharmacy
534 Roman Road, E3 5ES
Tel: 020 8478 2861

For more information on needle exchange and harm reduction services in Tower Hamlets visit the Tower Hamlets Council website.

Needle exchange services in Waltham Forest

Hatch Pharmacy 
30 Hatch Lane, Chingford, E4 6LQ
Tel: 020 8529 0696

Lloyds Pharmacy 
413 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 9AP 
Tel: 020 8520 5081

MS Dispensing Chemist
467 Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, E10 7EA 
Tel: 020 8539 3417

Medicos Dispensing Chemist
399 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 9AP 
Tel: 020 8521 5471

Langthorne Pharmacy 
13 Langthorne Road, Leytonstone, E11 4HX 
Tel: 020 8539 4324

Hainault Pharmacy
49 Hainault Road, Leytonstone, E11 1EA 
Tel: 020 8539 2535

Marijak LTD 
354 High Road, leyton, E10 6QE
Tel: 020 8539 2168

For more information about confidential drug and alcohol services in Waltham Forest, visit the CGL website.