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1st floor


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Questions and answers

What will the key benefits be?

  • Improved clinic experience for hundreds of visitors each week
  • Spacious waiting areas
  • Larger and brighter consulting rooms
  • Self-service check-in when you arrive

What happens to patients during construction?

We have carefully planned the redevelopment so that when the ground  floor is be developed some of the clinics will move up to the first floor; the remaining clinics will operate out of Sylvia Panhkurst Centre at Mile End and St Andrews Medical. Once the ground floor is complete, the first floor will move to the ground floor so building work can begin on the first floor. Again some clinics will be moved to Mile End and St Andrews.

The building will be closed at weekends and services will operate from Sylvia Pankhurst Centre Mile End for booked appointments and Sir Ludwig Guttmann Centre at Stratford for walk-ins.

How long will construction take?

Construction will be complete by late May 2019.

How can I ask questions and share my views?

We encourage people with any questions or comments to email us.